How Steve Miller and The Miller Marketing & Sales Group will Market your Hoboken,Jersey City or Weehawken,Union City, West New York Home:

Real Estate Marketing is not what it was years ago when sticking a sign on a building, placing a Ad in the newspaper and submitting your home to your local MLS was all you had to do. Today's smart Realtor has to adapt to the times. Many have not.

The Miller Marketing & Sales Group will market your property using the latest Media marketing that will get your property noticed. From Newspaper and MLS to Facebook,Youtube,twitter etc, we have  the expertise to get your property "marketed" not just "listed".

Click on our short video presentation below that explains how The Miller Marketing & Sales Group and Liberty Realty Market your Property:

Attention Grabbing Pictures & Details...

My method of marketing is to get the maximum amount of exposure in the shortest amount of time. When you List your home with me. I will place your home in front of millons of buyers  immediately. The Internet is by far the most effective way of selling your property. Your property will be effectively marketed with well written descriptions and sharp quality regular & panoramic pictures (please scroll to bottom for more pics),maps including walk score, school info along with  many mortgage and financial tools that a buyer needs to understand the buying process.

 Example of one of my panoramic interior living room & dining room pictures. NO fisheye, NO  distorted pics, NO clipped shots. Full size pictures with details.

Educated Market Analysis...

The way I determine the right price is by using the historical and current data available thru the Hudson count MLS. I will look at 3 months of past sales of comparable homes in your neighborhood as well as  current similar homes currently on the market. I will  also look at current mortgage rates and programs as well as the current market trends. I will put this data together in a report supporting the highest competitive bid possible.

Price for Quick Sale not to get Stale....

Pricing the home right the 1st Time can definitely be the key to success..... and can very well be the difference between a home that is "marketed for sale " and a home that is actually only listed for sale. The days of overpricing a home is over. There is to much good sales information readily available on sites like Zillow and the MLS. Knowledgeable buyers know to check these sites prior to submitting a bid on your home.  Did you know on the MLS there is a category called DOM? "Days on Market". This category allows the agent and buyers to know how long your property has been listed.   How good a bid do you think you will get if the Buyers ask their agent for the DOM on your place?.... and he says i.e 66 days. Not to good a bid I bet. If its been on the MLS this long due to overpricing and you now have to bring the price down 20k or 35k. This sends a signal to all those buyers watching the market or even your home.."Seller is getting desperate, fire sale may be in progress! , even if this is not true, this is what buyers think and you will end up getting lower bids...So why go down this road? Price it right to sell quick. It is a known fact amongst Realtors , that  properties priced right in a competitive market get the most action an generate the most excitement in the first 30 days and generally get sold quicker for a better price. As opposed to those properties that sit on the market overpriced and get stale and overlooked and are subject to lower bids because of the fire sale perception.

Price it Right the 1st Time....

This is why its important to price your place right the 1st time. Remember, unfortunately it doesn't matter to the buyer what you owe. It only matters to them what they can buy your place for based on the current market conditions. The other thing a seller  has to realize too, even if for some reason a buyer overpays for their property, Checks and balances will likely prevail , as the Mortgage company does a appraisal on the property prior to approving the buyer. If it doesn't appraise, the buyer probably will not close unless they come up with the difference. Which is unlikely as most buyers will not want to buy a home that their bank thinks is overpriced. Thus possibly creating ill will. So  if the seller wants to consummate the deal with the buyer, (assuming there is no ill will )you will have to accept the final appraisal price and thats only if the buyer agrees to still buy it! This could be possibly very detrimental to a seller who may have already gone into contract on their future home predicated on what they thought they would be receiving on the sale of their home sale. So as you can see pricing it right the 1st time and selling for the correct price  will more than likely always create the smoothest course for a sale.

Professional Representation & Presentation of your home...

1)Many interior & exterior pictures will be large and panoramic as per the examples on this page.

2) All listings,Ads and brochures will be well written and descriptive.

3)All my homes are listed on all the 1st page of Google & major real estate sites: (with your home rotating within a exclusive featured home top banner,reserved for only 8 Realtors in Hoboken) (Front page exposure possible)

....too many to list.

All the above sites syndicate your home listing to 100's of additional sites immediately. Your home listing will go viral immediately and will be out in front of many  buyers looking for a home in our area. Do your want your own website page of just your condo...i.e: No problem.

4)Additionally the property will be listed  in the Hudson County MLS giving it the broadest exposure amongst all  local Real Estate agents. So they all have equal access to show your property. All appointments are professionally set up thru my office utilizing a unique scheduling system called Showing desk. Showing desk confirms all appointments with the seller or home resident  as well as the showing Agent via email. It also records all showings and asks for feedback via email from each agent after each showing. This is valuable feedback and allows me to follow up on each showing. It also creates a report that I can send to you each month detailing all the showings of your property. My office will also always call the seller with all appointments. Keys to your home are kept under lock and key in our office and are tracked & signed out each time they are used. You also have the choice of having a lock box outside your home.

5)Weekly email blasts to a minimum of 600+ Hoboken brokers and 500+ Jersey city Brokers reminding them of your home for sale and updating them on price changes, bonuses, new pictures etc.

6)Liberty Realty is open 7 days a week. We don't close early M-F like many other offices in town. Saturday and Sunday we are open during the core hours of the day. We have a full time administrative staff.

7)Open houses will be advertised in the Hoboken Reporter & Online.

8)Signs will be posted(when permitted) outside your home with my office & personal contact information.

9)In house and exterior color brochures will be printed and placed in and outside your home.

10)Broker open houses will be held (if desired or deemed necessary) to introduce the property to all agents

11)Buyer open houses are optional.

12) I'm a top negotiator. I have Sold 100s and 100s of homes in the area. I work with some of the best local lawyers,mortgage brokers, inspectors and appraisers in the area. I'm very knowledgeable on most aspects of the buying and selling process. Click on my Bio for more info.

13)I take all calls and can be reached very easily by cell phone or email via my Blackberry. I take my position as your listing agent very seriously and will never be out of touch. One the most frequent complaints that I have heard from dissatisfied clients of other agents is that their former agent was not attentive or they could never get in touch with him or her.  I'm not that agent.

Call me for any questions you may have on how I can market your home.

 They say a Picture is worth a 1000 words......I agree!

Example of three of my Exterior Pictures. If you have a awesome view of NYC or Hoboken etc,    I can take beautiful pictures that will really show potential buyers many of the wonderful features of your home!

The above photos are actual pictures that I have taken of a home in Livingston NJ for my wife Shari Miller, She is also a Full time Realtor, specializing in Livingston,West Orange, Summit, Millburn,Shorthills and the surrounding areas..

These are actual Pictures taken from a Condo at 2 Constitution Ct in Hoboken.