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                 Hoboken NJ Apartment Rentals & Life in Hoboken

Renting an apartment in Hoboken is a great decision. Those residents that rent Hoboken apartments enjoy unparalleled easy access to New York via the Train, Bus,Ferry ,Holland or Lincoln tunnel. This Combined with a great vibrant town complete with well rated restaurants, exciting bars & music,new movie theater,excellent charter schools and amazing waterfront parks makes for a compelling alternative to living in NYC. Hoboken is a great place to rent or own. The town is known for its many children and pet oriented parks located throughout the city. Since  Hoboken is only a mile square, getting around Hoboken is a breeze. Many residents walk  to the many stores and attractions around town. Monday thru Friday you will also find the majority of downtown and midtown residents walking from their home to the PATH every day on their journey into NYC for work.  

I have worked with many renters  and have found that after they have rented in Hoboken for a while and experienced the wonderful and convenient life style.     That their thoughts often turn to purchasing a condo or brownstone in town. The excellent charter schools that have flourished in the city have attracted many young couples having children to reconsider moving to the suburbs so quickly. Many have stayed thru the early years of their children's life and taken advantage of the charter schools , excellent park facilities and easy work commuting convenience still afforded by staying so close to NYC. If you are debating whether to buy or rent now, I can help clarify the buying process and the advantages and disadvantages of buying vs renting now,as well as introduce you to many properties in town. Contact me thru this website or go to my Realtor Site: to search thru all available Sales & Rental properties in Hoboken and the surrounding towns. 

Below is a map of Hoboken. You will see that it is a simple grid.  The average time that it takes to walk between the numbered streets is about 1 minute, while walking between the named streets is about a 1/2 minute.  You can use this guide to calculate the approximate time it would take for you to walk from your Hoboken Apartment to the PATH or any other destination in town. Of course a cab is only a phone call away.  The taxi service in Hoboken can be called at any hour of the night. Many cabs sit outside the PATH Station in a orderly fashion waiting for residents to come home via the PATH train or Ferry.  You dont have to hail them as they are waiting in line and you just have to wait your turn. Also taxi cabs charge per destination not per person so sharing a cab with friends in Hoboken is very economical. To get more info about apartments and condos in Hoboken , please call or email me. For more about the city goverment of Hoboken you can go to the City website:

Hoboken Apartment Rental Map

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